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     I am a retired US Navy Logistics Specialist with 35 years of service. I have also served in the Army and Air Force. Aboard the Naval Aircraft Carrier USS Independence I served as a Flight Deck Troubleshooter. With the Air Force 711th Special Operations Squadron I served as an Aerial Gunner.  My last duty station was at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio with the Joint Depot Maintenance Activities Group (JDMAG). With JDMAG I endeavored for eleven years assigned to a joint task force. Together we interfaced with all four branches of the military, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, Federal Laboratories, NASA, and academia, seeking improved methods for cost effective enhancements of US combat weapon system sustainability.
     I have spent from 1999 to the present heavily involved in jail and prison ministry. In those years my ministry has impacted the lives of many men and women for God, and I have introduced some of them to Jesus Christ (who has spared my life many times). Over the years, my ministry has spanned into eight different correctional institutions within the State of Ohio.  Most of it, though, is contained within five institutions.  I teach a Life Issues Skills Mentoring Class to prison inmates, and am also an Inmate Mentor.  My prison endeavors further includes ministering to men on Ohio Death Row, being an County Jail Detention Center Chaplain in Springfield, Ohio, and being a Certified Chaplain with a major church denominational chaplains commission.

     And for fun, I skate three to five times a week!


Posted December 9, 2010 by God's Dream Catcher

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