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     From the age of ten, God began giving me spiritual dreams and continued them with a few visions along this journey of life.  His dreams and visions to me were for guiding me in making good sound decisions.  His guidance lighted the pathways I traveled.  Over the years I learned to maintain a ‘dream journal’ as reference points for further navigating my way through life.  That dream journal ended up becoming the framework for my first published book, God’s Dream Catcher.  I am told that all of my books have helped many with their struggles along their own life’s journey, and has helped them traveling lighter than before.

      The God’s Dream Catcher book series I’ve begun is about dreams and visions; their perplexing and significant meanings. Within the pages of these books, valuable insight can be gained for understanding spiritual dreams and visions. Through my life experiences, the reader can traverse with me through some of my surprising, heartrending, soul searching, and enlightening events.   Through my personal encounters with dreams and visions, with the God’s Dream Catcher Series, I will escort the reader from the days of my early childhood, across the pages of my life into these latter years, when some of those prophetic dreams which came to me actually came into fulfillment, and are continuing to do so.  Dreamers are usually very unpopular; until they accurately unfold fragments of foretold future events into facets of the present. Then, their dreamscapes become the weaving fabrication of much speculation!

     Everyone should be a dream catcher in this life.  We need to look up toward the heavens, surrender our will and heart to the Lord God, and then He will give us the best dreams He had designed for our lives.


Posted December 9, 2010 by God's Dream Catcher

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