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This Page Is For Any Miscellaneous Dream Works……


Posted December 10, 2010 by God's Dream Catcher

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  1. This is very nice! Your books sound very interesting as well as your ministry. I love the title God’s Dream Catcher! I look forward to finding time to read this one!

    I pray God’s blessings to shower upon you, your ministry, your books and all that you set your hands to do.

  2. Thank you!! Just yesterday someone commented on the book “God*Prints” which she had been reading, and really liked it. Most everyone tells me that of the four books I’ve published so far that they have read, “God*Prints” is the best one. One thing I am most glad of, though; the books have greatly impacted some people for God, which was/is my goal in writing them. I’m currently scripting my fifth book, which should be published around next May. Next March/April I’ll begin the sixth book; am not sure if it will be the third in the series of “God’s Dream Catcher” books, or not. I have three book ideas to ponder over. So, who knows? God Bless and thank you again!

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